Technical Solutions that you can rely on

Having problems with the family computer? Want to get it running faster or upgrade without buying a new machine? And are you looking to save money to do this? That's where I come in...

Welcome to my computer support website! My name is Matt, and I would like to help you to resolve any problems you're having with your computer. Many users enjoy the many conveniences a computer provides but aren't quite sure how to fix things when a problem comes up. Many issues can be fixed with simple resolutions and advice.

I have over 10 years of experience in the technology field diagnosing and fixing hardware and software-related problems with both PC and Mac computers. I am very knowledgeable in methods of support and troubleshooting and can get your machine running for much less than the big boys can.

Don't just throw away your computer because it's running a bit slow. Chances are that it can be fixed, without losing your important documents, pictures, music and more.

The services I offer are listed here. I work out of my home, and will dedicate all my resources to each individual client to the best of my abilities. Consider the technicians and companies who charge you hourly vs. what you get with me, and call or email me!

I will guarantee a quality experience as well as the service(s) I offer. I also encourage clients to submit a request for service via my Online Ticket System. Thank you for considering Brooks Computer Support for your technical needs!